A new name: Medical Art Clinic

Why did we choose the name Medical Art Clinic (abbreviated to MAS Clinic)? We changed our name because we changed our focus: we believe that skin is important and we are now able to rejuvenate your skin with injectables.

Injectables have undergone a spectacular evolution over the last fifteen years:

1. In 2003, when Dr Rafael Marques began his career in aesthetic medicine, he called his clinic the Botoxcenter because he mainly used Botox treatments to soften excessive facial expressions in a subtle and natural way, and hyaluronic acid treatments to fill in wrinkles. At this time, these were new and safe injectable treatments which, by the standards of the time, yielded spectacular results.

2. Since then the use of injectables has become much more widespread and has been progressively refined, leading, in 2010, to the invention of the Liquid Facelift. It was now possible to use injectables to provide a facelift tailored to each individual patient in a safe and natural way and to give the patient a more youthful and more rested look without resorting to surgery. Hence, the change of name to Medical Art Clinic. Dr Rafael Marques was then one of the pioneers of the Liquid Facelift in Belgium. The Liquid Facelift is both his passion and his chosen specialism. Over the years he has continued to further refine this technique and has now arrived at 4 types of treatment: the Premium Liquid Facelift; the Soft and Natural Liquid Facelift; the Young and Beautiful Liquid Facelift; and the Touch Up Liquid Facelift.

3. The last two years have seen new developments and applications of the use of injectables for Skin Rejuvenation as a means of rejuvenating the skin in a natural and safe way with a minimal down-time period. Dr Rafael Marques has now also become one of the pioneers in Belgium of Skin Rejuvenation by means of injectables and has specialized in 3 new techniques: PRP, Skin Boosters and Skin Firming. Given that we now make extensive use of injectables, we decided to change our name to the Medical Art Skin Clinic (abbreviated to MAS Clinic).

The Medical Art Clinic is proud to be able to offer you the most attractive and natural results by a subtle combination of 3 injectables at different levels tailored to your individual needs: Botox or Wrinkle-filling (two dimensional), Liquid Facelift (three dimensional) and Skin Rejuvenation (skin level).